Faculty & Staff

Our faculty and staff are not only dedicated educators, but also committed role models. Their unwavering commitment to excellence and their passion for helping students become upstanding members of the community are the qualities that make Christ the King Roman Catholic School stand out as an educational institution.

Visitors to our school immediately notice the strong connection between teachers and students. All of our teachers are licensed and accredited in their field and most have been with us for many years. Their experience as educators and their dedication to the Catholic faith play a big part in the ongoing educational and personal development of our students. The teacher-to-student ratios in our classrooms are also among the lowest in the Denver metro area, ensuring that each child receives the utmost attention and encouragement to succeed in any given subject.

School Administration

  • Bernadette (Detty) Hensen

  • Heidi Dignan

  • Susie Bollig

  • Jon Bowman

Center for Academic Achievement

  • Linda Louise Nicolette

Arts & Sciences Faculty

  • Matt Bergles

  • Glen Gallegos

  • Michele Warszalek

  • Maria Claudia Sandridge

  • Loretta Thompson

Preschool Faculty

  • Sandra Moss

  • Linda Capaldo-Smith

  • Tiffany Ketter

  • Rebecca Kopperud

  • Krista McAlenney

  • Katherine Jaster

  • JoAnn Gartland

Elementary School Faculty

  • Bailey McHugh

  • Becky Peel

  • Theresa Camacho

  • Bridget Moran

  • Carly Romani

  • Mary Goldy

  • Mary Beth Lustik

  • Cecilia Gartland

  • JoAnn Ehrlich

Middle School Faculty

  • Dana Gallegos

  • Jessica McCutcheon

  • Michael Warszalek