Welcome Christ the King School website

by Rob Davis | Jan 20, 2013
...CK's redesigned school website launched on, March 29, 2013.
Christ the King Roman Catholic School's beautiful website was launched in March of 2013. Thank you to Telerik, Akavit and all the parents, staff and other contributors who worked to make it so great!

"Being both a Catholic institution, generously supported by Christ the King parishioners, and a neighborhood school, we warmly welcome students of any creed, gender, nationality or ethnicity," says school Principal, Bernadette Hensen. "We are very proud of our website which effectively communicates our mission and values to families looking for the best place to educate their children."

Serving many Denver neighborhoods including Crestmoor, Hilltop, Park Hill, City Park, Montclair, Hale, Congress Park, Cherry Creek, Lowry and Stapleton, Christ the King Roman Catholic School provides a learning environment that promotes academic excellence, fosters mutual respect, develops social responsibility and encourages personal growth.