Center for Academic Achievement

Linda Nicolette is our Educational Resources Coordinator. She works in collaboration with teachers, parents, administrators, outside agencies and the school psychologist to identify students in grades preschool through eighth, who struggle or excel academically, or have other school concerns. In addition, she works with classroom teachers in providing ongoing support for student learning needs and personal growth.

Special Educational Services at Christ the King  
  • Management of assessments for achievement and placement for new students
  • Administration of screenings for students in specific academic areas
  • Delivery of support and resources for identified students and families
  • Provide in-class support for identified students with teacher collaboration
  • Provide pull-out services for one-on-one and small group instruction for identified students
  • Oversight of accommodations for students with documented learning needs
  • Administration and analysis of  DIBELS, Iowa Test of Basic Skills, COgat and  Catechesis/Religious Education (ACRE), and STAR Testing
  • Communication with parents to ensure student success and progress
  • Coordination of Academic Decathlon team preparation and competition

Partnership with School Counselor

  • Collaboration with sSchool Counselor who provides additional services to families, students and teachers with concerns outside the academic arena

Partnership with (Denver Public Schools) Special Education Assessment Services (SEAS)

  • Collaboration with SEAS for student testing for the purpose of identification and eligibility of special services

Partnership with Outside Agencies

  • Provide list of educational evaluators and outside agencies for student diagnosis
  • Provide list of private tutors, academic coaches, and therapists for families