Elementary School Programs

Elementary School: Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd Grades

Our elementary school students build on the strong foundation started in preschool to develop the skills and self-confidence to excel and mature through later grades.  We strive to develop the whole child.  By the completion of second grade our students are well prepared for the rigors of the intermediate level.

Our Approach
We provide a safe and loving environment where all children can thrive.  Following the Archdiocesan Curriculum, we provide a structured academic learning environment.  The children participate in group and individual activities, and experiential learning. These activities enhance their growth and development as they learn to be well-rounded students – spiritually, academically, socially and physically.  

Our Curriculum
In addition to our core curriculum areas, Religion, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies, students also take Spanish, Music, Art, and the P.E   Areas of concentration during the elementary years include development of etiquette in Kindergarten; love and respect for the environment and the world in first grade; and global citizenship skills in second grade.  

Catholic Faith Formation
Our Catholic faith guides everything we do and allows us to partner with parents to develop generous, kind and responsible young students.  Children in second grade prepare for and receive First Reconciliation and First Communion.  

Special Projects & Activities
  • Field Day
  • Miller Farm and Berry Patch Farm field trips
  • Teddy Bear Tea - students dress up and learn table etiquette
  • Star of the Week -take home sheets highlight student interests and are presented to the class
  • Mother's Day Tea - mom's enjoy a special afternoon with the students
  • Animal Dioramas accompanied by a trip to Denver Zoo
  • 2nd grade store – part of understanding money and math
  • Family Tree Project
  • Endangered Species Report
  • Students learn about and celebrate Chinese New Year, Cinco De Mayo and Mardi Gras

Intermediate Grades: 3rd, 4th and 5th Grades

Our third, fourth, and fifth graders are considered intermediate students. Students are encouraged to demonstrate leadership by reaching out to others in their community.  In order for them to be successful, we encourage them to be self-sufficient, reflective thinkers and doers in a spirit of prayer and faithfulness to the Gospel.

Our Approach
We expect the students to be able to read, to learn and to understand. Focus on the following skills provide opportunities for growth: note taking, oral and written reports, research, Bible study, plays, skits, reader’s theater, and public speaking during liturgies and assemblies.

Our Curriculum
Studies in Religion, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies, Environmental Education, and Arts Education aid students as they build new knowledge, make decisions, and solve problems.  As a result, students are poised to become future leaders.

Catholic Faith Formation
Students in the intermediate grades are encouraged to put their faith into action as they embark on several projects of service to others.  They begin to exhibit Servant Leadership, following the example of Christ. 

Special Projects & Activities
  • Field Day
  • Outdoor educational, cultural activities and trips
  • Biography Day  (3rd and 4th Grades) – research, portray, and present a famous/well known historical or popular person to audience in the gymnasium
  • Hands-on Dictionary Learning – sponsored by Webster and Knights of Columbus
  • Botanical Gardens representatives present at CK
  • Plant and harvest the CK Garden
  • Student created, directed and acted plays presented to entire school and community
  • October and May Rosary
  • Caring Communities
  • Stations of the Cross
  • Seder Meal
  • Advent Prayer Service
  • Christmas mitten tree gathers mittens for Children of Poverty
  • Thanksgiving baskets and other projects to serve Denver’s homeless
"We are proud to teach at Christ the King Catholic School because of the strong traditions of faith, academics, spirituality and civic responsibility. The CK parents are supportive of the staff and are involved in their children's education. Christ the King graduates are compassionate leaders who are self-motivated, life-long learners. As teachers, the success of our graduates is a testament to their years with us at Christ the King.
We love CK!"

CK Elementary-level team
Mary Beth Lustik, 3rd grade
Cecilia Gartland, 4th grade
JoAnn Ehrlich, 5th grade

Elementary School Faculty

  • Anna Burns

  • Katie Casey

  • Becky Peel

  • Theresa Camacho

  • Bridget Moran

  • Carly Elmgren

  • Mary Goldy

  • Mary Beth Lustik

  • Cecilia Gartland

  • JoAnn Ehrlich

  • Matt Bergles

  • Glen Gallegos

  • Maria Claudia Sandridge

  • Loretta Thompson