Community Service

Philanthropy and Class Service Projects

In addition to seasonal school-wide community service projects (like collecting food items and packaging Thanksgiving dinner boxes), each class is expected to complete at least one community service project each year. 

CK classes have:
  • collected shoes for the "Soles for Souls" organization;
  • held clothing, food and toy drives; 
  • provided gift baskets for families attending Father Woody's Christmas party; 
  • helped elderly neighbors with yard work;
  • raised thousands of dollars for the American Heart Assn. by participating in "Jump Rope for Hearts" 

Middle School Service Hours

As part of their religion grade, middle school students must earn 36 service hours per school year. At least half of these must be for the disenfranchised - serving populations such as the aged, sick, injured, hungry, homeless, etc., where students are acting as the “Body of Christ.”

Examples of past service include:
  • registering participants for a blood drive; 
  • running the “Race for the Cure” (or any fundraiser that helps generate funds for medical research);
  • assisting with Senior Support Center meals; 
  • helping grandparents or the elderly with cleaning, shoveling snow, raking leaves; 
  • gathering used clothing to donate; 
  • visiting senior centers or hospitals
The “regular” hours are for volunteer services provided within our own community such as singing in the choir at Mass, serving Mass, babysitting, walking dogs, running the clock at basketball games, services donated to the school’s Fall Fest auction, etc.