investment in your child's future

An academically challenging, Catholic-based education at Christ the King Roman Catholic School is one of the greatest gifts you can give to your children. It’s also a wise investment that will pay a lifetime of dividends to your family, your community and the Church. 

At Christ the King, we encourage our students to be curious about the world and to develop a sense of responsibility for themselves and to others. Each student is given opportunities for critical thinking, for leadership and for service that are difficult if not impossible to find in other types of institutions. Our students can also find countless ways to express themselves through art, music, language, technology and athletics. And the confidence we instill in them shines through as they move on to high school, college and careers later in life. 

In keeping with the Catholic intellectual tradition, we encourage learning through research, reflection, discussion and action. We believe reason and faith should inform each other and that the journey toward truth should be joyous, optimistic and spiritual. For us, academics should not only be measured by test scores, but also by knowledge attained, values acquired and truths discovered. 

When you stop to consider all the benefits that a Catholic education at Christ the King holds, your choice to send your child here may be the best investment you ever make! 

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