leaders of tomorrow

Academic excellence alone is not enough to predict a child’s success. This is why the Catholic educational model aims to serve the physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual needs of the “whole child.” It’s why we place so much emphasis on character development and encourage our students to serve God and each other. And it’s why our teachers integrate the Church’s moral principles into all aspects of our curriculum. 

At Christ the King, we believe in developing leadership skills beginning in preschool. We encourage our students to lead their families and peers into service by doing, as Mother Teresa advised, “small things with great love.” Each school year we also make each grade responsible for its own community service project. It’s all part of cultivating our students to become Servant Leaders with a sense of gratitude and a desire to give back

Another way we teach to the whole child at Christ the King is through our emphasis on inter-generational learning. Whenever possible, we engage members of our parish who have a passion for their faith, an inspirational message to share or an expertise in an area that can help enrich our program and benefit our students. 
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