ck nurturing environment

We have made every effort to make Christ the King the safest possible learning environment for our students. We are a caring, supportive school community that firmly believes that encouraging student development begins with eliminating the intimidation that exists in other schools. 

Christ the King has made every effort to ensure the ongoing safety of our students. Our buildings are locked throughout the day with security access only. We have also installed outside cameras and follow a comprehensive safety plan that includes regularly scheduled emergency drills and an emergency parent notification system. In addition, each member of our staff is trained in CPR and emergency first aid. 

We have developed various strategies to create a school environment that promotes positive character development. Our students and staff come together to form “Caring Communities” that meet monthly to engage in activities that help students become better acquainted with themselves and others, as well as to develop a closer relationship with God and his Creation. 

Throughout the year, our middle school students buddy up with Kindergarten through 2nd graders to participate in all-school masses and other activities. Our middle school students also go on an outdoor retreat each September. Over the course of the three days they not only learn a great deal about the world, but also get to know and respect each other far better as individuals. 

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