CK Education Foundation

These are the words we feel our talented Christ the King teachers live by every day as they diligently teach our children. 

The CK Catholic Education Foundation was created in 1985 by a group of dedicated parents wanting to promote quality Catholic education at Christ the King School. The Foundation feels a critical piece of our students’ success is due to the devoted teachers who make their education possible. The Foundation was established to bridge the significant difference between the salaries of our teachers and the salaries of their peers at public schools.  Toward that end, during the fall of each school year, returning teachers receive a bonus funded by the Foundation.  Assuredly, this improves our teacher retention rate.

In 2018 the CK Catholic Education Foundation funded teacher bonuses totaling approximately $30,000. This could not have happened without the help of our dedicated parents and parishioners. Money for these bonuses came from three main sources: 

  1. Annual Direct Solicitation Campaign - Your donation to the Foundation’s solicitation goes directly to funding the teacher’s bonus and is fully tax-deductible. 
  2. Grocery Scrip - Reloadable King Soopers cards can be acquired from the CK office. The Foundation receives $5 from the participating grocers for every $100 you spend.   
Thank you in advance for supporting the above programs, which in turn provides bonuses for our valued teachers!  

CK Education Foundation Board of Trustees
  • Amy Bryer
  • Rachel Candler - Treasurer
  • Chris Dziewiatkowski
  • Mark Ebadi
  • Reggie Fink - Secretary
  • Tanya Matthias
  • Joe Mullen 
  • Ryan Neville - President
  • Aileen Paez
  • Matthew Snow

"Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire" 

- attributed to William Butler Yeats